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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Knitted Cotton Almond Dress --- HOT Selling

Code: C8015A
Price: RM 45 (SGD $18.80)

Color: Almond
Material: Knitted Cotton
Flexibility: strong

Size: Free Size
Length: 88cm
Sleeve Length: 52cm
Bust: 110cm-150cm

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Floral 3/4 Sleeves Wide U-neck Dress

Code: S1949
Price: RM 55 (USd $16.70)

Color: shown as pic
Material: Chiffon

Size: Free Size
Bust :54-88cm
Dress length: 73cm
skirt: 132cm
Sleeve Length: 45cm
Cuff :20-36cm

Double V-neck Short Sleeve Dress Blue

Code: P10051902
Price: RM 50

Color: Blue
Material: Milk Slik
Size: Free Size
Legnth: 84cm
Bust: 68-90cm
Sleeve: 20cm
Elastic: Yes

Lace Embellished Square Collar Blouse Pink

Code: N10042203-1
Price: RM 55

Color: Pink
Material: Chiffon
Size: Free Size
Lenght: 60cm
Sleeve: 35cm

Two Pieces Long Sleeve Chiffon Dress Coffee

Code: L10032409-1
Price: RM 53 (USD $16)

Color: Brown
Material: Chiffon

Size: Free Size
Length: 80cm
Bust: 96cm
Sleeve: 48cm

[Best Quality] Wide U-neck Sleeveless Lace Lap Dress Coffee

Code: B10051406-2
Price: RM 58

Color: Brown
Material: Lace

Size: Free Size
Bust: 66-92 cm
Lenght: 65cm

Full Lace Summer Cute Dress -- Apricot

Code: Y1852A
Price: RM 45

Color: Apricot
Material: Lace + Cotton
elastic: A Bit
inner lining: have
Size: Free Size
Bust: 100cm
shoulder width: 36cm
sleeve length: 10cm
Cuffs: 48cm
Length: 84cm
Hem Width:120cm

Princess sleeve full lace dress white

Code: C8280
Price: RM 57 (USD $17.30)

Color: White
Material: Lace + Cotton

Flexibility: the weak
Lining: There are
Length: 80cm
Shoulder Width: 35cm
Sleeve Length: 24cm
Bust: 82cm can stretch to: 96cm
Arm: 38cm
Cuff: 28cm
Hem Width: 116cm

Bowtie Embellished Chiffon One-piece Dress Sky Blue

Code: W10032604
Price: RM 66 (USD $20)

Color: Sky Blue
Material: Chiffon

Size: Free Size
Bust: 88cm (flexible)
Lenght: 94cm
Shoulder: 37cm

**HIGH Quality**

Vogue Printing Chiffon Strap Dress Grey

Code: J10040907-1
Price: RM 52 (USD $15.75)
Color: shown as pic
Material: Chiffon
Size: Free Size
Lenght: 103cm
Bust: 72-90cm

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Simple Casual Checkers Blazer

Code: C8148
Price: RM 45 (USD $14)

Color: shown as pic
Material: Cotton

Size: one size fits all
Length: 53cm,
Shoulder Width: 36cm,
Sleeve Length: 59cm,
Bust: 86cm - 95cm

Sexy Two Pieces Sleeveless Lace Dress White

Code: L10032404-1
Price: RM 60 (USD $18.20)

Color: White
Material: Lace
Lining: Yes
Elastic: Yes

Size: Free Size
Length: 78cm
Bust: 86cm

Embroidery Puff Sleeve Dress White

Code: C10031401
Price: RM 55 (USD $16.70)

Color: White
Material: Cotton

Size: Free Size
Shoulder: 38cm
Bust: 92cm
Sleeves Length: 37cm
Length: 72cm

Knitted Cotton Sequined Casual Top

Code: E531
Price: RM 42 (USD $12.80)

Color: Black
Material: Knitted Cotton
Elastic: Yes

Size: Free Size
Bust code:110cm
Dress length:75cm
Shoulder width:38cm

Hem Drawstring bandage dress pink

Code: K513 (reserved)
Price: RM 48 (USD $14.60)

Color: Light Pink
Material: Crystal Ma
Elastic: yes

Product Size: Free Size
Bust :90-100CM
Length: 117CM (with hanging neck length)
Flexible: Yes
Lining: None

Flounce Embellished Fashion Blouse Grey prev next

Code: N10042401
Price: RM 53

Color: Grey
Material: Cotton

Size: Free Size (S size)
Elastic: Strong
Length: 52cm
Bust: 70-80cm
Shoulder: 37cm

[Hot Selling] Cotton Casual White Blouse

Code: YY-R8269
Price: RM 54 (USD $16.40)

Color: White
Material: Cotton

Size : Free Size (Suit for S size)
shoulder width:35cm
sleeve length:36cm

Printing Bat Sleeve U-neck Tops Purple

Code: Y10040707-1
Price: RM 48 (USD $ 14.50)

Color: shown as pic
Material: Chiffon

Size: Free Size
Length: 77cm
Bust: 106cm
Shoulder: 39cm

Strap Sexty Style Dress Chiffon Beige

Code: Q10041707
Price: RM 58 (USD $17.60)

Color: Apricot
Material: Chiffon

Size: Free Size
Lenght: 75cm
Bust: 75-90cm

Floral Chiffon Kimono Top -- Blue

Code: YY-R1677-blue (Reserved)
Price: RM 45 (USD $13.60)

Color: Shown As Pic
Material: Chiffon

Size : Free Size
shoulder width:
sleeve length:

Yellow Thick Winter WindBreaker Coat

Price: RM 70 (USD $21.20)

Color: Yellow
Material: woolen
elastic: A Bit
Belt: no, not with
inner lining: yes, with

Size: M Size
lenth: 80cm
shoulder width: 38cm
sleeve length: 58cm
Bust: 86cm~98cm
Sleeve Muscle: 40cm
Cuffs: 27cm
Hem Width: 113cm

Blue Striped Cotton Chiffon Dress

Code: S1850
Price: RM 52 (USD $16)

Color: As the Pic
Material: Cotton + Chiffon

Flexible: strong
Belt: None
Lining: There are
Size: Free Size
Bust :80-96cm Dress length: 87cm skirt: 170cm Shoulder Width: 36cm Sleeve Length: 20cm Sleeve: 28cm Waist :68-82cm

Peacock Printed Tube Maxi Dress

Code: C7340
Price: RM 55 (USD $16.70)

Color: Green
Material: Chiffon

Lining: There are
Other accessories: elastic design of the back
Length: 110cm (not include strap length)
Strap length: 18cm
Bust: 64cm can stretch to: 88cm
Hem Width: 178cm

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Romantic European Style Lace Blouse Beige

Code: F09070708-2
Price: RM 47 (USD $14.30)

Color: White
Material: Cotton

Size: Free Size

Length: 60cm/23.62"
Bust: 92m/36.22"
Shoulder: 40cm/15.75"
Sleeve: 33cm/12.99"

Sunday, April 4, 2010

V-neck Satin Lady Dress

Code: C6736
Price : RM 44 (USD 13.40)

Material: satin
Lining: None
Size: size-fits-all
Bust: 86 clothing long: 86 Sleeve Length: 38

Remark: it is not elastic, please measure your body properly.